The Critical Office 365/Exchange online MS ignite 2019 announcement which deserves our attention.

Ignite 2019 is officially over this year and it has multitude of announcements and some interesting once has got lost in the long list. I believe the below will have huge impact in terms of customer experience and administration..

1. Microsoft Safe Documents

Microsoft Safe Documents, generally available by mid-December, brings the power of Microsoft Office Advanced Threat Protection to the desktop. Since first introduced in Microsoft Office 2010, Protected View has brought a level of additional security for untrusted documents from outside the organization. However, many Protected View sessions are exited quickly and without great consideration, leaving environments vulnerable to security risks. With Microsoft Safe Documents, the power of Office ATP extends to the desktop to ensure the document is secure when a user exits Protected View and before opening in unprotected mode.

2. Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection automation capabilities

Automated Incident Response, a new capability in Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection, enables security teams to efficiently detect, investigate, and respond to security alerts. Now generally available, the solution builds on detailed security playbooks modeled on typical workflows of security teams when responding to threats. The automation enhances the security of organizations, by drastically reducing the time and effort required to respond to threats. It allows security teams to scale better and reduce the potential impact of a breach.

Another new capability—enhanced compromise detection and response—amplifies an organization’s ability to detect breaches. Now in public preview, the solution leverages the breadth of signal across Office 365, including email flow patterns and other activities, to detect suspicious users and alert security teams. Automated playbooks automatically investigate the alerts, look for possible sources of compromise, assess impact, and recommend actions for remediation. The automation also integrates other identity signals to improve confidence of the detection and offers a comprehensive assessment.

3. Email transport improvements in Office 365

The Exchange Transport team is announcing the arrival of critical improvements to Message Recall, proxy address sending, and customizable recipient limits. With Message Recall, users will be able to recall messages they’ve already sent. With proxy address sending, a frequent request from customers, users can specify mail to be sent displaying an additional email address they have configured on their mailbox. Another frequent request from customers, recipient limits, will be configurable at a user level by IT admins. The public release of the features begins after Ignite, rolling out through the end of the year

4. Exchange Online PowerShell cmdlets for public preview

A new set of Exchange PowerShell cmdlets will be available for public preview November 5. These cmdlets are built on REST APIs and are significantly faster and more reliable than their predecessors. PowerShell for Exchange Online is a key management tool for Exchange Online, which administrators can use to manage many day-to-day tasks. PowerShell for Exchange Online hasn’t been updated since the earliest days of Office 365; the new architecture and modules improve the speed and reliability of administering one of the organization’s biggest workloads.

5. Manage conversations, tasks, and files across Microsoft 365 within Teams with new updates

Several new Teams capabilities make it easier to manage files, tasks, and conversations from across Microsoft 365, right within Teams. A new Files experience in Teams powered by SharePoint that is rolling out now enables you to sync files from Teams to a PC or Mac, see rich previews across more than 320 file types, and work with metadata, among other actions. In addition, it is now easier to set permissions when sharing a file from Teams to ensure the recipient can access the file within Teams. Additional capabilities enabled by deeper SharePoint integration with Teams include the ability to view relevant People cards and recent files alongside chats, and Teams activity will now appear in SharePoint team site activity feeds. A new Tasks experience in Teams coming in the first quarter of 2020 provides a unified, cohesive view of tasks created in Teams, Planner, or To Do, allowing you to stay organized and focused on all your tasks from within Teams. A capability to roll out this quarter allows you to move conversations from Outlook into Teams with just a click. In addition, the collaboration tool Yammer will soon be accessible within Teams, making it easy to participate in Yammer communities within your hub for teamwork. The new Yammer capability will be available in a private preview by the end of this year and is due to roll out to all customers in 2020.

I will have more detailed blog on each one of them in coming days.. keep watching this space...

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